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Welcome to Starr Ministries and Starr Publications, the website of Evangelist Randy J. Starr and his wife, Shirley.

To view information concerning our itinerant ministry across America, run the cursor over “Starr Ministries” above and choose from its drop down menu. Starr Ministries features clear Bible teaching and preaching, special brass music, piano, and vocal, and many book table resources.

To view our entire store of materials, do the same with “Starr Publications” above.  You will find a number of titles that we have written, books by other authors and 2400 (mostly discounted) home school items from major providers.

We hope we can be a blessing to you.  Thank you for visiting.

Starr Ministries

220 S Pine St

Red Lion, PA 17356

Phone (717) 246-3762

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